Specialty Insurance

Specialty insurance protects individuals, organizations, and businesses against financial losses.  Some risks don’t necessarily fit into package type policies like your home or auto policy and require the underwriting expertise from insurance companies that specialize in these types of risks.  Special events, prize indemnity, sports insurance, or even a wedding in the backyard all include risk and the possible occurrence for losses.  

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Sport Insurance

Recognizing the special requirements of athletes, we offer unique insurance programs for sports associations. For recreation, family, and community celebrations, we offer exclusive coverage for user groups and special events. Sport Insurance includes coverage for:

  • Sport Liability – No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. You can be sued by anyone who claims injury or damages resulting from your activities. You may not be liable, but you will need to be defended in court. A liability policy will pay for this defense and possibly costs awarded against you. Coverage is provided for all members of your organization including executives, managers, coaches, trainers, officials, employees, and volunteers while acting within the scope of their duties on your behalf.
  • Sport Accident – Coverage for practices, games, team travel. One plan covers all participants, managers, coaches, executives, and field officials throughout the games.
  • Commercial General Liability – Sport and recreation events can be a source of many liability exposures as bodily injury to participants and spectators are not uncommon. CGL provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage to a third party. See sport liability for additional detail.
  • Directors & Officers Liability – Directors and Officers (D&O) may be sued for actual or alleged error or omissions while performing their duties as officials of their organization. D&O will pay those sums the organization, directors, and officers become legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages because of a wrongful act.
  • Tenant Legal Liability – Covers the tenant’s liability for damage to rented premises the tenant occupies.
  • Employee Dishonesty – Provides coverage for the dishonest acts of employees and is included in crime coverage.
  • Legal Defense Expense – Designed to assist sports organizations with legal fees and expenses relating to disputes/claims against the association which are not covered by CGL or D&O (such as human rights and charter of rights issues). An example would be if a coach or player takes legal action to be reinstated to a sport, after that sport has expelled the individual with just cause (post game exposure).

Animal Mortality

Animal owners have a lot invested in their animals. Mortality policies offer protection for owners interested in insuring their animals against sickness and death.

Full mortality coverage is an “all risk” policy, which covers death from all causes, subject to certain exclusions stated in the policy and is available on

  • Horses – pleasure, show, breeding, and racing
  • Cattle – breeding and dairy

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Hole-In-One or other Prize Indemnity Insurance

Prize indemnity gives you the ability to offer special contests and promotions while transferring the risk to an insurer.

Running a contest can result in lucrative marketing opportunities for your business.  People love to participate in contests and you now have the opportunity to have your customers WIN BIG without spending big money yourself.

  • Golf – Hole in One or Million Dollar Shot.
  • Weather Promotion – the contest could pay the customer’s purchase for big tickets sales like cars and jewelry if a certain amount of snow or rain occurs on a selected peril date.
  • Crack the Code – a contest to capture the customer’s attention at high traffic events at a mall, consumer show, or job fair.  Customers must crack the code to win a grand prize.
  • Envelope/Number Draw – can be applied to many different events/promotion and is very versatile.  The most popular is to pick the winning envelope out of 100 and you win the grand prize.
  • Curling – each participant gets to draw their rock without the assistance of sweepers and if the rock completely covers the button, the participant is the grand prize winner.
  • Basketball – We can offer many possible contests for this sport – ½ or ¾ court shoots, progressive shoots where the participant must get 4 baskets in 24 seconds from 4 locations or a rapid fire style promotion where participant must attempt 14/15 baskets in 60 seconds from 3 point line.
  • Football – we can offer anything from kicks, throws, score predictions, flatbed field goals and many others.  Distances can be designed to meet every budget.

Special Events

  • Party alcohol liability – protection for individuals, organizations, or companies who host single/multi-day functions with alcohol service.  Coverage can be provided for weddings, banquets, socials, dances, cocktail parties, Christmas parties.
  • Liquor liability only – protection for individuals, organizations, or companies who host single/multi-day functions, covering the liquor exposure only.  Examples are beer tents or corporate events needing liquor coverage.
  • Special events liability – provides event hosts with protection for single/multi-day functions with or without service of alcohol.
  • Exhibitor/vendor booth & kiosk liability – offers protection for those who have a kiosk at a show, mall, or market
  • Wedding guard – provides financial protection against many of those things that can to wrong with your wedding plans.  Coverage includes wedding or honeymoon cancellation, lost deposits, wedding photos and video, bridal attire, wedding presents, rings, wedding cake and flowers, wedding stationery, and rented property.
  • Caterer’s liability – provides coverage in the event that someone gets sick while eating your food, injures themselves if they trip over a piece of your equipment, or someone gets scalded by a hot dish and decide to hold you responsible ad take you to court.  The policy will also defend you in court.
  • Safe grad – provides liability protection against possible claims for bodily injury and/or property damage that may arise out of the operations of the Graduation event (minors cannot consume, serve, or handle any alcohol).
  • Performers – provides general liability and property coverage for many types of performers such as musicians, singers, dancers, D.J.s, actors, buskers, street performers, karaoke operators, and bands.  The program was developed as many venues/hosts now require each party involved in the event to carry their own liability coverage.
  • Server liability – provides protection for individuals and organizations who serve alcohol to the public.  It was designed for volunteers or full/part time employees whose occupation includes serving alcohol.  The group server policy is designed for service clubs or other organizations who are seeking liquor liability coverage on an annual basis.
  • Event cancellation – designed to protect against loss of revenue or extra expenses caused by uncontrollable circumstances such as inclement weather, natural catastrophe, speaker/key individual non-appearance, power failure, governmental intervention, or terrorism.  Covers events such as outdoor festivals, trade shows, sporting events, conferences, film shoots, concerts, carnivals, corporate events
  • Event planners – provides liability coverage for event planners such as weddings, conferences, small concerts, corporate launches, and exhibitions


Be secure whether you are in the skies or on the ground. Coverage can be purchased for the aircraft (hull), any liabilities rising out of its operations, and the cargo being transported by it. Coverage features:

  • All Risks - Flight and ground coverage
  • All Risks Ground Hull - Coverage only while on the ground and not in motion
  • All Risks Ground Including Taxiing Hull - Coverage while your aircraft is on the ground including while taxiing
  • Third Party Property Damage and Bodily Injury - Either including or excluding passengers

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Specialty Insurance Services

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