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Your farm or ranch is not only your home but also your livelihood. Just like your home, you want to make sure that livelihood is protected as it is a risky business with many things that can go wrong and affect your bottom line. Farm or ranch polices can be tailored to suit your individual need from a simple hobby farm or ranch all the way up to a full fledged farm or ranch corporation.

Below are some of the coverages on an insurance policy that can help minimize or eliminate risk.


Includes your home and any attached structures

  • Permanently installed outdoor equipment, including fences
  • Outdoor swimming pools, outdoor hot tubs, and their attached equipment
  • Materials intended for use in construction or repair of the dwelling or private structures
  • Building fixtures and fittings temporarily removed from the premises for repair or seasonal storage

Farm Buildings

Unlike home policies, all farm buildings need to be insured separately.  Some examples of farm buildings are:

  • Detached car/truck garages
  • Shops
  • Granaries
  • Quonsets
  • Barns
  • Fuel tanks on stands

Machinery, Equipment, Tools

These items are a major part of most farm and ranch operations whether owned or leased. You can help protect your investment on an individual or blanket basis. You can also help protect these items from down time with loss of use coverage.  Some examples of machinery, equipment, and tools are:

Harvesting equipment

  • Haybine
  • Combine
  • Balers

Non-Harvesting equipment

  • Tractor
  • Swather
  • Grain Dryers

Equipment and Tools

Some examples of equipment and tools are:

  • All the general tools used around the farm or ranch
  • Tack Equipment

Commodities & Inputs

Commodities can be insured on a very basic general policy or a very specific and specialized policy. Please contact our office to help you make sure you are covered for your situation.


  • Grain
  • Livestock
  • Forages
  • Feed


  • Fertilizer
  • Seeds
  • Chemicals

Business Activities

If you do any custom or side work you need to be sure you have appropriate coverage for equipment and liability as business activities are not covered under a standard farm or ranch policy.

Fire Fighting Costs

You can purchase voluntary fire fighting coverage in the event you get a bill to fight a fire on your farm or ranch.

Farm Liability

Farm liability will help protect you in the event there is ever a legal claim brought against you or your operations.

Other coverages available

  • Farm Income and Expenses – pays for actual loss of farm income
  • Farm Boiler and Machinery coverage – covers farm buildings where operations rely on electrical panels, pumps, motors, etc.
  • Farm Property Advantage/Farm Produce advantage – a convenient way to package several farm property items under one blanket limit

These are just a few examples of the items that can be protected by a farm or ranch policy. If you require any information on one of these policies please feel free to contact one of our brokers and they will be more than happy to put a package together that will give you piece of mind in an unstable business.


Help speed up the process by bringing in the following

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If you would like us to give you a quote on any of these items, you can help speed up the process by bringing in the following.

  • Information on dwelling and farm buildings including year built, square footage, and construction details, plumbing, wiring, and finishing inside and out

  • Information on the location such as land location, number of acres, and occupation

  • Information on machinery including year, make, model, s/n, and value

  • Information on value for any tools, commodities, inputs

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